GMT19 Anthony Naples - Take Me With You

Good Morning


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Good Morning follow up their mix series with global dance floor devotee & humble hard worker, Anthony Naples. 

"And more importantly, extremely blessed to be sharing his second full length album with you all.

Originally conceived as a D.J. mixtape - dedicated to his friends and times spent with them in the morning after hours (or pre-party build up)....."Take Me With You"quickly morphed into a soft focused meditation on all things warm and intangible.....reflecting on that lingering feeling one gets when walking away from the ones they love. 

It's also been an exercise in escapism for Naples.....diving deep into the underworld & outer worlds......only to beam back up into the stratosphere, taking flight with a rejuvenated blend of his most personal work to date — touching on trip-hop, psychedelic pop, ambient house, and much more along the way."

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