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P.A.M. (Perks And Mini) is a fashion and lifestyle label based in Paris, founded by husband and wife duo Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey.

Established in 2000 in Melbourne, Australia, P.A.M. (Perks And Mini) relocated to Paris in 2015 where the label is now permanently based.

P.A.M. (Perks And Mini) has a focus on collaboration at its core. An extensively collaborative and multi-disciplinary art and design approach involving artists, fashion labels and stores around the world has largely contributed to P.A.M. (Perks And Mini) becoming internationally recognised. On describing the collaborative and community-minded nature of the label to Heroine Magazine,

Shauna states:

“P.A.M. was a collaboration from the beginning, it’s in the name...”In 2000, “Perks” and “Mini” were Misha and Shauna’s graffiti names.  The brand grew from that.