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Confused States of Minds
Adrien Chevalley

24 Pages
14 x 20 cm
b/w Photocopy
First Edition 2017
100 Copies

Confused States of Mind consists of a series of portraits featuring 23 characters made between July and November 2016 in black watercolor. In the artist’s imagination, each one of them is going trough a profound mental experience: Meditation, religious fervor, lobotomy, fear, fever, anxiety disorder, effects of different drugs, etc… Using a psychedelic vocabulary he created those faces, projecting himself into confused states of mind. These drawings can also be considered as research for new works to come.

Adrien Chevalley is a multidisciplinary Swiss artist whose works interweave sculptures, wall pieces and floor works with a special flair for ceramic and a notable poetic creativity. Adrien's work is uncanny but, at the same time, attractive and almost grotesque, but as soon as one of these feelings prevails, it is immediately superseded by the others. By using everyday materials from the “warehouse”, Adrien pokes subtly at questions of ambiguity between the domestic object and the artwork, the studio and the apartment, the gallery and the house.

Published by Nieves.

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