Editorial Magazine Issue 17



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Issue 17 of this Canadian quarterly which bends the rules of art and photography content, with its sharp articles and commissioning wit. This issue comes described by editor-in-chief Claire Milbrath as the best yet. She told It's Nice That - “We want this issue to feel like an adventure for the brain.”

Including work from: Logan White, Louisa Gagliardi, Alake Shilling, Taylore Scarabelli, Slayrizz, Remy Fox, June Canedo, Tess Herbert, Olivia Whittick, Nick Williams, Antoha MC, Yulia Zinshtein, Sasha Mademuaselle, Drake Carr, Rowan Oliver, Thomas McCarty, Bambii, Jessica Canje, Neva Wireko, Bobby Bowen, Ariana Reines, Fiona Duncan, Stefan Schwartzman, Fatine-Violette Sabiri, Francois Gravel, Whitney Mallett, Sophie D’Ansembourg, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Darby Milbrath, Estelle Davis, Kate Howells, Logan Jackson, Silvia Cincotta, Roscoe, Maya Fuhr, Chad Burton, Claire Milbrath, Rian Pozzebon, Scott Parsons, Kiera McNally, Come Tees, Joe McMurray, Kristy Benjamin, Sarah Iannone, Oumayma B. Tanfous, Samuel Fournier, Kari Cholnoky, Giovanna Flores, Marcus Cuffie, Cruz Valdez, Michael the III, Monika Mogi, Goichi Hosaka, Brad Phillips, Jonny Negron, Matthew Wong, Viola Chen, Rebecca Storm.

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