Gasius 4WD Impreza Turbo Cap - Black



  • Gasius 4WD Impreza Turbo Cap blues store
  • Gasius 4WD Impreza Turbo Cap blues store

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Gasius 4WD Impreza Turbo Cap in Black from the brands SA21 collection. 

  • 100% cotton needle corduroy
  • 4WD embroidery on front
  • Adjustable plastic strap

Down by the river, Ancient crumbley lost civilization, Green seeds, 70's logotypes, Early 80's Comics (Dr. Strange, Master of Kung Fu, Green Lantern etc), Gasface reincarnated (currently 9th time), Mid-late 90′s Skate, Think Skateboards (when Mike Giant did it), MadCircle (when Twist did it) Space cakes, Early Disney (before it became McDisbucks) Early 80's Lotus Esprit, Raygunomics, Operation Doomsday, Yardbirds, BluePort, Barnesy, TCA, Mushrooms, LSD, Rave (first time round) then Jungle then Drum n Bass, Hand painted tees, Skinny outlines, when drips were bad, Pumpkins, GaSix, Kidney play pressure, Homeboy magazine, Egs, 80's Lambo Countach.

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