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  • Lilypad Magazine Issue 2 blues store

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Lilypad Magazine issue 2.

Lilypad is a biannual magazine focusing on profiling artists, 

graffiti, skateboarding, vagabond travel, and the lives of 

certain characters and acquaintances of ours operating in 

those fields.

The spirit of the magazine is a mixture of an old skate mag 

and a punk zine - easy to digest, an unpretentious and 

all-inclusive magazine. It will be a tangible archive of what 

is happening within our zeitgeist.

The audience Is envisioned as 15-28-year-olds interested in 

underground and subcultural niches that we feel are influential 

in cities like New York, Seattle, San Francisco, London, Paris, 

Toronto, Mexico City, Tokyo, and more...


Cover 1 Photographer: Peter Sutherland. 

Cover Model 1: Mark Gonzales.

Cover Photographer: Pilku Jung. 

Cover Model 2: Khyunjun.


Interviews: Trarviesa, Tenzin-che Miyahira, Ralph 3A BTM, 245pts, Breana Geering, 

Mark Custer, Javo, Lowell Horvitz, Khyunjun, Wombat and Simone Istwa.

Photography: Peter Sutherland, Mark Custer and Christopher Currence.

Art: Hank Reavis, Nile Gibbs, Ryan De Laval, Truls Martensson, Eli Awbrey and Atticus Torre. 

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