retaW Fragrance Tablet - Barney*



  • retaW Fragrance Tablet - Barney* Blues Store
  • retaW Fragrance Tablet - Barney* Blues Store

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retaW Fragrance Tablet in Barney* scent

A thick tablet saturated with original retaW fragrance. Fragrance tablets can be kept in pocket, bag, wallet, or sent in a letter. 

A relaxing, clean scent of soap bubbles infused with ozone and cedarwood, packed into a thick sheet of fragrance-infused paper. Sheet can be divided into eight individual pieces. 

Notes of:

  • Top: Aldehyde, Green, Violet Leaves and Ozone
  • Middle: Lily of the Valley and Lilac
  • Base: Cedarwood, Amber and Musk

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