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This year HERESY celebrates its tenth anniversary as a project for experimentation and examination of folklore through fashion. What started from moonlighting in bedroom studios and London railway arches, has grown into a multi disciplinary label, that produces clothing, publications, events and artworks. HERESY have collaborated with a large and diverse range of practitioners, from museums to record labels.

Their focus, British folklore, has for the majority of the brand’s life been a subject that exists on the fringes of society. Over the last couple of years British folklore has seen a surge in public interest, and has been celebrated by other brands and publications. This has opened up the language we use to a wider audience and allowed for refreshing collaboration.

This season, ‘Pupils of Arcadia’, is an amalgamation of all HERESY’s experiments, ideology and visual language from the last decade, resulting in a collection that is the most cohesive expression of the brand to date. As well as a deepened understanding of folklore, and how it can be used to address the interpretation of British identity, this extensive participation in the fashion industry has allowed for honed skills in making, and this collection sees the brand’s biggest leap forward in garment design and production.

The collection features bold graphic print from both original artwork, and unearthed archive imagery, with a nod to the British folk-music clubs of the 1970s. Silhouettes are easy, structurally relaxed, and genderless, with strong emphasis on texture and hand-feel through wash techniques. Earthy tones and outsider inspired prints reference British countryside and the folkloric community that inhabits them.

With a focus on quality and ethically made products, Heresy develop their collections by consciously choosing to work with sustainable factories both in the UK and Portugal, sourcing high quality materials.